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2006-12-08 14:28:50
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To stick this lovely banner in your page then just copy and paste the following URL into your description:

<!img:""/> GET NOTICED. is a website for bands to get views on their web page.

If you are in a band and need views on your web site/myspace/musmakers page then this is for you. For only TEN pounds (UK pound sterling, if paying in other currency paypal conversion charges will be applied) your band WILL get noticed.

The idea is that the main webpage consists of a picture of a Volkswagen Beetle, a band then chooses a part of the picture/car to place a logo of their band linking to their website on. At only £10 for 6months advertising the idea is cheap, simple and effective.

With the main page getting over 4000 clicks in its FIRST MONTH has grown real quick. We work alongside Jack Glover's(from ROADRUNNER RECORDS) Shattermouth Promotions.

This is not a scheme just for "rock" or "metal" bands, if you own a website that promotes musicians or youre a musician from ANY genre then this is for you to!

This site has been set up by AshC aka The Dark Lord, im a student in a band so understand the need for tight budget hence the low cost which helps cover the hosting.

The site is now up-and running on a test period, we are currently running on a design that doesnt function properly in Internet Explorer, also a new design is currently being worked on which is EXTREMELY appealing.

There is more to this so if your interested then email me or message for details on or [Bandbeetle]

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