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2005-06-25 14:27:53
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1st MusMakers Sounds Bank


Welcome to the 1st MusMakers Sounds Bank.
The clerks should be able to help you, and the cheques can be changed here.

On a more serious note, the Sounds Bank was designed for those who need samples and recordings of certain sounds for their music. You can also request for people to make you some sounds to use.

Contributing Artists
Here you can find the list of the artists that are contributing with the cause and all the sounds and sample.

A How to Guide to Sampling
You don't know how to create a sample? You want to contribute with your own work, but you are lost? Check this section!

Uploading and Using Samples Rules
These are the rules for the use of this wiki.


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2005-09-05 [Moonknight]: this is a very good idea!

2005-09-06 [pixie_shimmer]: hehe :P I think you may have partly inspired it ;)

2005-09-06 [Patricio]: We adore Moonknight, he's our god! But no, he didn't :P I blame Orestez almost entirely for this idea.

2005-09-09 [pixie_shimmer]: Well...I was thinking about samples of peoples voices and things, from the Sunrose song :)

2005-09-11 [Orestez]: what do you mean you blame me....

2005-09-12 [pixie_shimmer]: It is his way of saying...."Orestez...I love you"

2005-09-12 [Patricio]: Orestez: That I got the idea becaue of some of your songs, and something you said. Pix: But I hadn't even heard that song when I thought this.

2005-09-12 [pixie_shimmer]: :P

2005-09-12 [Orestez]: Well ok then =p.

2006-11-20 [OVERTURE]: wow this was .... along time ago...

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