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2005-05-23 23:42:54
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I'll try and upload some songs or summin ;-)

Since my song is a cover, I'll not publish it for general public as that would mean I am breaking copyright rules. Sorry to disappoint you if it means you can't hear it!

2005-05-24 Tyrana: I did get to hear it earlier. ^_^... I'm very impressed. Not only do you sing well, but you were able to sing alone, and share it with people (for a little while, anyway ^_^)... I wish I had the courage and talent to do that!

2005-05-24 Sunrose: Well I stopped sharing because of copyright issues hehe...and thanks for complementing my singing! *blushes* ^^

2005-05-25 pixie_shimmer: *huggles* Seee I wasnt just being nice ^__^

2005-05-25 Sunrose: *pokes* yes you are all being nice =P

2005-05-25 pixie_shimmer: no :-P you shush...not literally ^__^

2005-05-25 Sunrose: lol! :p

2005-07-04 melonmonster: It says access denied!

2005-07-06 Sunrose: 'Since my song is a cover, I'll not publish it for general public'

2005-08-27 ghost: You are allowed to associate it with a private forum, and allow people to join that forum.

Such as the forum "Song Covers". (Forum #7)

2005-08-30 Sunrose: I have it linked to a private forum, but I will look into the one you mentioned though, thank you :)

2005-09-03 ghost: Well, may I join your private forum? I'd like to hear your stuff.

2005-09-04 Sunrose: Well it is the crew forum.. >_>

2005-09-04 exmember8: can i join too?

2005-09-04 ghost: That's a mean thing to associate it with. :P lol
So, basically, that's a no. Gotcha.

2005-09-05 exmember8: :( ok

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